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Life Recipes for Heart Health, Fun & Togetherness

Posted by Sara on

The internet is filled with heart healthy food recipes, and we love that because they inspire all of us to eat well, which helps us to stay energized and creates a lifetime of good food habits and choices! Yay for the superfoods!

And while eating a healthy diet is extremely important and something we cannot encourage enough, we decided to go a little bit different route with our recipes - we’d like to share some life recipes for living a heart healthy, active and fun-filled life. As we know all too well, our kids are spending more and more time in front of a screen (especially in the winter months) and less time in front of a tree, trail, river or on their bikes having outdoor adventures. We at Spindaroos would like to feature ideas that include a balance between technology and nature.

Here are a few cooler weather recipes for a healthy lifestyle we’d like to share.

Snowball Fight and Laughter Galore

1 winter coat
1 pair of gloves
2 -10 friends and siblings
25 - 75 handmade snowballs (no ice balls!)
100 giggles
12 dives into a snowbank
30 minutes at 32 degrees or less

Winter Cycling for Nourishment

1 bike
Lots of warm layers including cycling gloves and waterproof jacket
1 snow shovel to make bike jumps
1-3 handmade bike jumps made out of snow
3 specialized jump tricks
12 “Dang, that was awesome!”
5 “Do that one again!”
16 “Nice!”
60 minutes at 45 degrees or less

Family Sledding Fun DuJour

1 family in winter gear
1 sled or tube for each family member
1-2 awesome sledding hills
63 belly laughs
8 falls off of the sled (landing in the snow face first)
15 times catching air on a big snowy bump
4 hours at 35 degrees or less

These are some recipes that you’re whole family is guaranteed to eat up! So, get yourself and your kids out there and enjoy a healthy, fun, active life! Pepper in some technology here and there, but make the most vivid flavors of your lives be the memories you’re making by savoring life together.

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