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10 Wishes We Have for Our Kids

Posted by Sara on

If we could make all of our children’s dreams come true, we most certainly would do everything in our power to do so. There are things we can do to ensure healthy, happy lives for our kiddos. Staying healthy in mind, spirit and body is essential, and creating an environment where this is most possible is what we all want. Here are 10 wishes we have for our children. Starting with a healthy body and mind and moving into the things that make life worthwhile. Enjoy, and if you have wishes for your children, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Wish One

Have healthy bodies - At Spindaroos, we encourage kids to move, play and stay active regularly. That’s why we do what we do! We believe that kids who get interested in outdoor play and activities at an early age will grow to be healthier and happier adults. A healthy body starts with basic, but oh-so-important essentials - stay active & eat healthy. Healthy bodies start with you educating your kids on the fuel that’s best for them.

Wish Two

Have healthy minds - Having a healthy mind means kids feeling free to express themselves, having confidence in their choices and respecting themselves. It also means encouraging your kids to communicate with you when they have a problem, issue or even if they just want to sit and tell you a joke, make sure you’re listening and hearing your children.

Wish Three

Find true happiness and joy -

Of course we all want to see our children succeed in school, sports, the arts, etc. Finding a real sense of happiness and joy while enjoying success may be the piece of the equation that is most important! Without joy, success means so much less. Encourage children to search out things that bring them pure joy and practice those things regularly. Is it drawing, cycling, science, hiking…whatever brings them the most joy in life, encourage them to find that and then build upon that.

Wish Four

Creativity -

Having a creative hobby is imperative for a lot of kiddos. It helps to manage stress and can act as a positive outlet. Whether it’s drawing, dancing, singing or acting, being creative can be a fulfilling experience in many ways.

Wish Five

Build good relationships -

Finding quality friendships is something we work on from toddlerhood straight through adulthood. Everybody experiences friendships that come and go, sometimes fairly quickly and sometimes a friendship will last a year to two and just fizzle out, especially as interests change as kids, teens and younger adults get older. That’s normal and it’s really okay! Establishing lifelong friendships is a precious gift, and once they’ve found a few close friends, they’ll realize time they spend with them and their opinions help shape them as people. Good relationships and their affect on their lives can be a very powerful thing.

Wish Six

Fierceness -

By fierceness, we mean standing strong in their beliefs and not letting others persuade them to falter from important goals in life. Being confident and established in their being is a remarkably important characteristic. Strength and fortitude mixed with kindness and perseverance. FIERCE!

Wish Seven

Act with Kindness -

Of course, we wish our children to not only experience kindness throughout their lives, but to be a source of kindness to people around them. Encouraging your children to be gentle and mindful of those around them can make a difference - and not just for them - that’s how we change the world for the better!

Wish Eight

Find something they love to do - Work doesn’t feel like work

As your children grow from little to teen to young adult, encourage them to find a career doing something they love to do. Having a stressful job that they despise showing up for every day works against health in so many ways. It may take some time, but turn that thing they love into something they can make a living doing!

Wish Nine

Sense of Adventure -

Life is short - live it well and LOUD. Having a sense of adventure from a young age gives kids the courage to branch that adventurous attitude out in other areas of their lives. If you have a kiddo who loves racing their bike, going to the skate park, climbs trees, mountain climbing - anything that challenges them and takes them out of their everyday comfort zone, this sense of adventure can take them places in school and work where they may have felt they couldn’t succeed before.

Wish Ten

Value of Family -

Accompanying your kids throughout this journey will be family. These are the people who will rejoice with them, who will mourn with them and who will help guide them and in many cases, be the light in their storm. At first, family is parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. - close friends are considered family by many people. Then, when they eventually branch out on their own, they’ll have their own families. Creating a bond and seeing the value in obtaining and keeping strong relationships throughout life is perhaps the biggest wish we have for our kids. All of the previous wishes can help build the skills needed to create these strong bonds.

Ultimately, all we really wish for our children is for them to find true happiness and contentment in life. We work hard to create an environment where that goal is met each and every day. Then, we try to instill characteristics where they continue to wish for those things for themselves and pass those wishes on to their own children. It’s a cycle of hope we carry with us and give to our children.