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6 Awesome Games to Play on Your Bike!

Posted by Sara on

6 Awesome Games to Play on Your Bike!

All Summer (and Fall)

Cycling opens the door for many lifelong adventures. Riding on trails, in the mountains, or a quiet ride to the park with the family - they’re all amazing ways to spend a day on your bike.

With summer in full swing, we thought we’d come up with some unique and fun ways to enjoy time on your bike, including a few you may not have thought of before! These are great, especially for longer rides when you want to keep the kids focused on fun! They’re fun for the whole family, so get out there, ride and PLAY!

Bike and Seek - Before you leave on your ride for the day, come up with a list of 5 or 10 things you will be “seeking”.

Here are some ideas:

Type of Tree
Type of Bird
License plate from a specific state
Specific colors (something pink, something orange)
Animal tracks

Once you’ve made your list, head on out for the day and mentally mark things off of your list as you’re all riding around, or bring the list with and as you make stops, mark them off as you see them.

Uphill Racing - Of course, downhill racing is always super fun, and you can do some downhill racing as well, but since those uphill climbs can be a bit of a bear to complete, we thought it’d be fun to make a game out of it. So here we go - To make it more motivating to climb those hills (because they are awesome cardio) race to see who can make it to the top first! If you and your family are more experienced riders, you can race up larger hills, but if you have little ones or aren’t as experienced on your bike, smaller hills are a great place to start, and to help build up that endurance!

Horse! - This one is simple! When you see a horse, you yell “HORSE!” The first person to spot a horse and yells it out wins that round. It also works with “COW!” and “SQUIRREL!”. It’s fun, hilarious and the kids will totally crack up.

Red Light, Green Light - This is played just like the old school red light, green light game, but on your bikes! One person, either mom or dad, stands about 100 feet from the kids, who are lined up together on the street at the starting line, ready to rock! Mom or dad yells “GREEN LIGHT!” and the kids hop on their bikes and ride as fast as they can until mom or dad yells “RED LIGHT!”. The kids then have to (safely) stop their bikes. Do this until someone reaches mom or dad, give them a high five, and then DO IT AGAIN! Green light on fun!

Bike Wash - Yes, it’s fun to wash your bike - but it’s MORE fun to wash your bike while you’re riding on it. Get a group of friends and family together and hand out sponges, soap, bubbles, and of course, have the hose ready. Everybody takes a turn riding their bike through the bike wash, which essentially is everyone lined up with soap and sponges and water. The person riding through the bike wash gets sprayed with water, scrubbed with soap and sponges, bubble blown at them and lots of giggles. Wearing goggles is a really good idea to keep eyes from getting washed, too!

Bike Obstacle Course Challenge - Break out some orange cones, sidewalk chalk, patio furniture, yard toys, soccer balls, whatever you can think of because we’re going to create an obstacle course challenge! This can be done right in the driveway! Put out some larger obstacles that everyone has to ride around - maybe a camping chair, a cooler and a planter. Next, draw some large circles and long lines that riders have to follow to get to the next section of the course. They can be squiggly or even in a large spiral. Finally, create a small ramp (even if it’s just a flat piece of wood or cardboard) that you have to ride over. Create your start and finish line and time everyone as they ride through. The winner gets to set up the next course!