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A Guide to Cycling

Posted by Sara on

A Guide to Cycling

What to do and what not to do when cycling this summer.

If you’ve always wanted to start cycling regularly, especially with your family, but just haven’t taken the time to make the commitment, we’ve got the ultimate pep talk for you! And a guide that will make it easier for you to get started. Follow the guide and checklists below and get ready for an amazing summer filled with cycling fun with the whole family!

Having the right equipment when cycling can make all the difference in several factors of your ride; your comfort, endurance and most importantly safety, just to name a few. Having the right type of gear and proper fitting clothing is imperative for a more satisfying ride, both for you and your kiddos. Here are a few checklists to remember when buying equipment and cycling gear for you and the family.

Helmets -

Proper Fit is Important - Here’s a series of images that can help you determine if the fit of your helmet, or the helmet of your family member is fitting properly, before you purchase it! Make sure the helmet is sitting comfortably on the head, not too tight, but definitely not too loose! There are also different types of helmets, depending on the type of cycling you’re planning to do (i.e., mountain biking, road biking or recreational cycling). Make sure to ask someone who is experienced in helmet fitting to give you a hand when you’re taking a look around your local cycling shop for the best helmet for you and your family. 

Knee Pads -

Knee pads are especially important for younger riders, and for those riders who are interested in mountain biking. They provide a much needed shield between your sensitive knees and the environment you’re riding in. Taking a spill on a mountain trail covered in rocks and sharp sticks and twigs without the protection of a good set of knee pads can be the difference between hopping back on your bike and enjoying the rest of your day, and hopping back in your car or truck and heading down the mountain for a soak in an epsom salt bath!

Jerseys and Clothing Gear -

Wearing cool cycling gear not only looks amazing with all of the bright colors and awesome graphics. The right cycling gear provides comfort for your ride! A good cycling jersey helps protect you from the harsh sun, and it also helps keep you cool. Spindaroos provides a full line of kids’ cycling gear, including jerseys, cycling shorts, cycling gloves, waterproof jackets, mountain biking shorts and more. And if you’d like to outfit your entire brood, look no farther than Spindaroos for custom made cycling jerseys!

Picking the right spot -

Depending on your level of expertise, choose the right area to cycle in can make a huge difference in the quality of your ride. As a rule, choosing a route that is just right for the least experienced cyclist in your group is the wisest decision. After all, you don’t want to push someone beyond their comfort zone when it comes to cycling, especially kids. Making sure your kids are having a great cycling experience will help ensure they continue to cycle and do other activities throughout their lifetimes that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choose a simple trail if you have littler cyclists, or take a ride to your closest park. If you’re a more experienced cyclist, challenge yourself each ride to go further and try new trails or routes!

First Aid -

Always, and we mean always make sure to bring a proper first aid kit, even if you’re just cycling to the farmer’s market for a fresh batch of asparagus! You’ll never know how much you need a first aid kit, until you need a first aid kit. You can find fully stocked first aid kits at some of your local cycling shops or on Amazon. If you want to make your own, get a waterproof bag and fill it with band aids, gauze pads, antibacterial spray, neosporin, medical tape, medical gloves, SPF, and aloe vera gel.

Food and Water -

You never know when you’re going to get a hunger pang when you’re on a long ride. Keeping a packet of healthy snacks on your bike or backpack is a great idea! We suggest having some nuts or nut butter, energy bars, dried fruits and fresh fruits with you. And always, always, always have extra water! Dehydration is dangerous and can happen faster than you think, especially during a particularly long ride, or on a day when the temperature is super warm.

Fun! -

Most important of all is to make sure you’re prepared for FUN! Taking a little extra time to prepare for your cycling season can help guarantee that you and your family will be set for a successful season of awesomeness on your bike! If you have specific questions, send us a message, especially when it comes to kid’s cycling gear, which is our specialty!

Have a wonderful time getting out there and riding this season, and please, post some of your most exciting outings on our social media pages! We’d love to see where your adventures take you!

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