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An Interview with a Spindaroos Kid!

Posted by Sara on

You hear from us all of the time about how much kids love their Spindaroos and how Spindaroos helps kids feel empowered and confident…aaaannnnd how awesome and fun our cycling gear is! And believe us when we say, we’ve got the proof to back up our claims in the form of the faces of every kid who’s worn our cycling gear. It’s true love!

All that being said, we decided it might be nice to hear directly from one of the kids that wears and LOVES Spindaroos’ gear regularly, so we interviewed a long-time Spindaroos kid, 8-year old Jacob! He has been wearing Spindaroos gear for several years and currently has 3 Spindaroos Spin2Kids Cycling Jerseys, a pair of Spindaroos Cycling Gloves and a pair of Spindaroos Bike Shorts.

Jacob was excited to tell us exactly how he felt about Spindaroos gear and talk about how much he loves to ride his bike.

Spindaroos - “What’s your favorite thing about riding your bike?”

Jacob - “I like to go so fast! Then slow again. I like how riding my bike makes me feel, like I am flyyyyying! And I like to race the other kids in my neighborhood.”

Spindaroos - “I hear you had a really big milestone this year regarding your bike riding experience...tell me more about that.”

Jacob - “I took off my training wheels. I tried to take them off before, but was still a little bit scared, but then I tried again and I could ride all on my own! I could go faster and slower and didn’t have to worry about falling over because I was comfortable on my bike now!”

Spindaroos - “That sounds like an amazing experience, and we agree. There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom riding a bike can give you. Are you making sure you’re using proper gear when you’re riding?”

Jacob - “Yep! I wear my helmet. I love to wear my Spindaroos jerseys and gloves. I call them my cool-guy gloves. The jerseys have my favorite colors on them and they make me feel happy. The neighbor kids love them, too.”

Spindaroos - “What do you like most about your Spindaroos Cycling Jerseys?”

Jacob - “The colors and designs on them are really cool. And they’re comfortable and don’t make me too hot.”

Spindaroos - “How do you think your Spindaroos Cycling Gloves help you when you’re riding your bike?”

Jacob - “They keep my hands dry so I can hold on better - and they look really awesome!”

Spindaroos - “How about your cool bike shorts - do you like riding with those?”

Jacob - “Yes, I can wear them under shorts, pants, if it’s cold out, or by themselves if it’s hot outside. When I ride for a long time, the padding helps me stay comfortable.”

Spindaroos - “What do your friends say about your Spindaroos gear?”

Jacob - “They think my cycling gear is cool. My friends are all wanting the same jerseys and Spindaroos gear I have. I told them to ask their mom to get them some.”

Spindaroos - “Thanks for that and thanks for talking with us today, Jacob.” “We’re glad you like your Spindaroos gear and want you to have a ton of fun riding your bike, especially with your training wheels off.”

Jacob - “I will! Thanks for making cool stuff for me.”