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Conversations with Kids and Parents: What did Mom and Dad do to have fun when they were little?

Posted by Sara on

Conversations with Kids and Parents
What did Mom and Dad do to have fun when they were little?

Kids today have many opportunities to partake in a variety of activities, both in school and out. Between sports, clubs, games, STEM activities, and fine arts, there are a zillion things kids can do to stay active and to have fun in a team or individual environment. There is so much organized fun to be had - but do kids today have zany, disorganized, crazy, spontaneous fun anymore, or is it all planned play dates and after school, extracurricular activities?
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Let’s talk to a mom and kiddo who ask each other about life now vs. life when mom was a kid and what play meant for her.

Jacob (age 12) : Tell me more about what you did for fun when you were a kid.

Vanessa: Well, we didn’t have a lot of the organizations that you have today, Jacob. When I got home from school, I would go to my friend’s house, walk in without ringing the doorbell and grab some cookies out of the pantry. I’d yell for her and she’d come running downstairs and we would hit the road on our bikes.

Jacob: That sounds pretty fun. Where was your mom and dad?

Vanessa: They were at work.

Jacob: WHAT?! You were home alone when you were my age? What the heck were Grandma and Grandpa thinking?

Vanessa: It was just a different time, buddy.

Jacob: So what did you and your friends do for fun?

Vanessa: We would ride our bikes to our other friend’s house. She lived a few blocks away. We’d run into her house, grab her and head to the park or play in her back yard. We would play games like Red Rover or Hide and Seek. We would run and play and giggle. We’d climb trees and talk about what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Jacob: What did you want to be?

Vanessa: Your momma. A doctor. And to try to make the world a better place.

Jacob: Wow. You did all of those things.

Vanessa: Thanks, J. I like to think I am making the world a better place by raising a child who is doing the same. I’m so proud of you.

Jacob: Thanks, mom.

Vanessa: What is your favorite activity?

Jacob: I love to ride my bike! Especially with you and dad. I like when we ride to the park and when we ride to get ice cream!

Vanessa: Grab your bike...let’s go!

Jacob: WOO HOOO!!!