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Exercise for Life Series Part II

Posted by Sara on

Spindaroos Exercise for Life Series 

Part 11 - Staying Motivated

Spindaroos presents a helpful series that emphasizes the importance of creating an exercise routine for life. We want to motivate you to do something regularly to encourage strength, health and flexibility. Getting and staying fit is important for long-term health both physically and mentally. We’ll be giving you tips and tricks for balancing work, home and health, getting your routine set up, and keeping you motivated for the long-haul. The series is meant to encourage you and your family to create and stick to a routine, not as just part of your week’s schedule, but as a part of your lifestyle, something that just naturally fits into your everyday life.  

Part One of the series emphasized the importance of creating your workout routine and setting up a plan that works for you. Part Two of the series focuses on Staying Motivated now that we’ve established our preferred activity(ies). Part Three will focus on tips and tricks for balancing work, home and health.

We all know that amazing natural high you get when you decide you’re going to start getting fit. You have that burning in your belly that gets you out the door and kicking serious fat, carb and calorie burning booty on day one! Day two is about the same. You’re sore after your first day, but you’re going back for more because you’ve got the fire and it’s never going away! WOOHOO!

After about day four, that burning turns into a small flame and after a week, it transforms into a rock that keeps you inside your bed Sunday morning binge watching Netflix originals. We know, we’ve been there. And that’s the point which we need to either avoid getting to all together, or build habits that get you out of your work-out slump quickly.

One thing you can do is take it easy the first couple of weeks. Easing into a workout routine will help keep you from getting burned out right away. If you enjoy walking or hiking, do some light treks the first few times out. You still get the benefits, but instead of pushing yourself too far and potentially either hurting yourself or simply getting overwhelmed by the idea of going out and doing a massive hike again, you take it slow and steady. Do what you can so that you don’t set yourself up for potential failure.

Mix it up. If you’re interested in doing more than one type of exercise, switch it around from day to day or week to week. Do some cardio one week and lifting free weights the next. Or try cycling one week and pilates the next. Doing a variety of activities helps your workout from getting mundane and boring.

Working out with a friend or group of people helps keep you motivated not only because you are keeping tabs on one another and can help motivate and track your progress together, it’s also much more fun to workout with someone you enjoy spending time with. It builds a nice bond between you, too. Working out as a family can be a great way to grow closer together.

It only takes a few weeks of doing something regularly to make it a habit. Enjoying your workout is essential for turning a blah routine into a fun part of your everyday lifestyle.