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Fun In The Sun Series - What's Your Summer Bucket List?

Posted by Sara on

June, 2018

Most of us have heard the term “bucket list”, but some folks may not know exactly what it entails. A bucket list is a set of goals you have for yourself. Some people have life-long goal bucket lists with things like - Cycle Through Europe or Climb Mt. Everest. Not every bucket list has to be filled with items that are once-in-a-lifetime goals. You can have simple bucket lists for goals you’d like to achieve in a year or even a season! So, with that in mind, let’s come up with some cool ideas for a Summer Bucket List!

First, grab yourself a pen and paper. For some reason, being able to mark off an item by scratching it off of a list makes achieving that goal seem that much more satisfying. Next, sit in a quiet room and relax for about an hour while you think of some things you’d really like to achieve this summer. As you think of things, keep in mind a few goals you’ve had for a long time, but just haven't taken the time to do. Note: Cleaning out the garage doesn’t count as a bucket list item - that’s a chore! Make sure your list items include things you enjoy doing, and some things that you’ve always wanted to do then write them all down. It doesn’t have to be a long list. It could be 2 to 4 things that you want to do…for YOU. And not everything on the list needs to have a price tag connected to it. Sometimes free adventures are the best adventures.

If you’re a person who enjoys being outdoors, maybe start with activities you’d like to do outside. A special hike or mountain bike trail you’d like to try. Maybe a picnic on Pikes Peak or a solo visit to the Garden of the Gods. How about a trip downtown Denver to visit the art museum or the mint! And these are all things you can bring the family along to do, too if you’d like. A family bucket list item done all together!

If you enjoy hanging out inside, how about putting a classic novel that you haven’t read in a while on your bucket list - like Moby Dick or A Tale of Two Cities. Teach yourself how to play the piano, guitar and ukulele. How about learning a new language? Fabuleux! Do you know how to play chess? If not, teach yourself the rules and find a club or group that plays and ask if you can practice a few games with them. This is a nice activity to do inside or outside.

Are arts and crafts your thing? Is there a project, like knitting a scarf or blanket that you’ve always wanted to do but never took the time? That’s a great bucket list item. You can do this outdoors while you’re relaxing in a park or inside while you’re listening to music or watching a favorite movie. Do you love to write and have an idea for a great novel, screenplay or children’s book? Start writing! You don’t have to finish it during the summer, but get those ideas down and start building momentum to getting that goal achieved.

If you’re adventurous and really love the outdoors, how about training for a 5k, 10k or a marathon. Or a triathlon! There are apps that can help you set up your training schedule. Check out a couple of forums and ask advice from people who have trained in the past. They’ll be happy to help you find out a training schedule that can work around your work schedule, etc.

There are so many cool things that you can do this summer to help you reach some of your not-so-overwhelming goals - things you’ve wanted to do, but just haven’t had time to do.

Once you achieve one goal, mark that sucker off of your list with pride and excitement and then move on to your next item. We’d love to hear about what you’ve decided to do, so if you have time, head to our Facebook or Twitter page and let us know what your list looks like with the hashtag #mysummerbucketlist and fill us in on the progression of it throughout the summer! We’d love to hear from you.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!