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Good Conversations to Have with Your Children

Posted by sara on

Words to Live By
By: Spindaroos 

Being a parent is no small deed. It’s an immeasurably important, dynamically magnificent experience. We don’t always get everything perfect, and that’s OK. One thing is for sure, communicating with your kiddos is imperative and can encourage a strong bond which can bring you miles closer to having a healthy, happy relationship with your little ones.

What are some conversations you could have with your children?

Words to Live By!

Your life experiences can help prepare your children for their own best life. We know, some things we’ve done we may not want to share with our kiddos, like (fill in the blank), however, there are so many wonderful experiences you may have had that can feed the adventurous, creative, active, positive, fun-loving sides of them. Sharing your life with them helps them feel closer to you and can give them examples of what they may want to pursue with schooling, career, traveling, hobbies, volunteer work, and raising a family of their own someday.

The tough conversations in life may even be a little easier if you’ve already created a trusting bond with your kids. Encouraging them to come to you when they have something they need to discuss instead of a friend is a good idea. Let them know they can tell you anything and that even though you may not be thrilled with the situation, you’ll always be there for them to support them and love them. Because, remember we all have a (fill in the blank) or two in our lives. Having someone to go to makes it so much better to work through and move past our mistakes.

Having Fun Together!

One of the most important things you can do with your kids from the very start is to have FUN together. Being active and playing as a family is a bonding experience like no other. Nothing compares to fond memories of spending time with friends and family. Creating these memories for your kids can be as simple as a weekly game night, a long bike ride together, playing tag or softball in the yard, cooking meals together…the activities are limitless. But, they all end up with the same result, and that’s lifelong happy memories for you and for them. It’s priceless!

Love, Love, Love!

This goes without saying, but it’s really the best part of being a parent. The love of your little one is a love you never knew before and is incomparable to anything out there…almost. The only thing comparable is the love you feel for them. Tell them every day. Unconditionally and with everything you have. Show them in the way you support them and this will help them grow into strong, healthy adults, which results in both mental and physical benefits for your children. A child who is confident can achieve anything. You can plant that seed and nourish it each day with your love and support.

Words and conversations matter so much. Having an open and meaningful dialogue with your children can make all the difference in their lives, and in yours.