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Screen Free Week

Posted by Sara on

Screen Free Week

April 30 - May 6, 2018

Why going screen-free regularly is important for your family. 

Phones and TVs and Tablets, Oh my!

It’s true that screens seem to inundate much of our daily lives. Between news sites, email, work projects, games, apps, videos, streaming movies, binge-watching shows, online shopping, homework assignments, and texting, we’re on some type of techie device the majority of our waking life.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have this multitude of distractions every day. There are quite a few negative effects that result in being in front of a screen so often. We seem to know so much more about the world and everyone in it than we ever have before. Our ability to focus has been negatively effected. It’s all happened so quickly, the culture shock of it all seems to catch up with us sometimes, causing stress and other negative reactions.

We understand that some of the screens we sit in front of are important to achieve our daily goals for work and school. But, a surprising amount of time spent on devices is not work related, but is spent doing things to try to help us pass time or ‘have fun’.

Sadly, the fun we’re having very rarely involves our entire family. Over the holidays, many of us got together to spend time as a family. Did you find yourself looking around at your family and notice that every person was sitting around the table or in the living room on a screen device doing ‘their own thing’? Do you feel like valuable family time was taken away because everyone got caught up on their various machines?

This also happens at home in the evenings or on the weekends in many households. Time you used to spend doing things as a family, is now filled with individual time, sometimes hours and hours at a time, which doesn’t include any family interaction.

We’d love to suggest making a permanent change to the new lifestyle we’re finding ourselves being sucked into. April 30-May 6, 2018 is National Screen Free Week. This is a perfect time to implement a new set of habits surrounding screen devices. During this week, aside from work or homework, try to steer clear of spending time on screens watching shows or playing games. Instead, do things as a family. Here are some screen-free family fun ideas. One for each day of Screen Free Week (and beyond).

Family Bike Ride- Of course, our number one Screen Free Week activity is for you to drop those crazy devices and go on a family bike ride!

Board Game Night - Go the old school route and play some cards or board games together. Games like Charades and Twister are always a hoot and get the family up and moving.

Build Something Together - Model cars or planes are fun to build together. Go to a local hobby shop and find something the whole family would like to build together.

Volunteer Together - Giving back is a fantastic way to spend time together. Whether at a homeless shelter, humane society, retirement community or food pantry, there are always people and animals who are in need of attention, assistance, care and love.

Arts and Crafts Night - This speaks for itself. All you need to do is grab some construction paper, glue, google eyes, tissue paper, crayons, markers, toilet paper rolls…ANYTHING you have around the house and get to crafting! You could create a new craft each week!

Cooking & Baking Together - Family time + fun in the kitchen + chowing down on what you’ve made = Win Win Win!

Gardening - It’s going to start getting warmer pretty soon! YAHOOO!! Gardening as a family is a great way to spend time together. Find a community garden or a small patch of land at your home and create a planting plan of action. This is an activity that can create good times every day for months at a time. Added bonus: harvesting your beautiful fruits and veggies and creating fun meals out of your home grown goodies is going to be AWESOME!

Finding a balance between on-screen time and off-screen time is a bit of a tricky beast, but making an effort several times per week to come together as a family and create activities in the 3D world can, and will make a difference in so many positive ways.