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Spindaroos Holiday Fun Series II

Posted by Sara on

5 Quick and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Suitable for Kids and Adults -

Using things that are around the house.

It’s gut-check time, folks! Halloween is sneaking up FAST and if you don’t have your costume ready to rock and roll, you’re gonna be in deep pumpkin guts!

Imagine this…it’s Saturday morning and your neighbors or pals have decided to have people over for an impromptu Halloween get-together. Your kids are all set with their costumes, but you have nothing for yourself and the last thing you want to do is head to one of those creepy Halloween costume shops and spend a zillion dollars on a costume you’ll use for 3 hours. WHAT TO DO!?

Another scenario…your child decides last minute that they really want you to dress up with them when you all go trick or treating. Of course, it’s simple to just say “Sorry kiddo, but momma/daddy doesn’t have a costume to wear.” But, keep in mind (guilt alert!) these moments won’t be around forever and someday they won’t want to go trick or treating at all, let alone with the parents! TOLD YA YOU’D FEEL THE GUILT!

Last example, we promise! Your work has decided to celebrate Halloween in the office this year and wants everyone to dress up. NOOOOOO!!!!! But, yes. And since you don’t want to be the person who shows up dressed as…you, you cave and decide to throw together a costume.

We understand that these and many more scenarios like them can creep up on us during Halloween, like the preverbal ghost in the graveyard, if you will. Here are some simple, fun and frankly, AWESOME costume ideas using stuff you have lying around the house.

Mummy - Grab a few rolls of toilet paper and, starting at your feet, wrap it around and around until one leg is covered with that 2-ply goodness, then repeat on the other leg. Next start with your mid section and wrap, wrap, wrap! Repeat with your arms and neck, then the top of your head and BOO(M)…you have the perfect Halloween costume. If you feel like going an extra step, draw some dark circles under your eyes using gray eye shadow.

Black Cat - Perhaps it’s been done about 400 millions times, but who cares! It’s an oldie but a goodie and it’s a super fast costume to create. You need TWO items. Black eyeliner and construction paper! Use the eyeliner to make whiskers and a cute kitty nose by coloring in a little circle at the end of your nose. Then, grab some black construction paper, cut out some ‘ears’ and paperclip them or use a barrette to attach them to your hair! Meow your ready to go!

Zombie - It doesn’t take a lot of brains to put this costume together…see what we did there? Grab an old t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore and put some good rips in that sucker! Next, get a pair of jeans or sweat/yoga pants and throw those on. Roll them up if you want, rip them, toss some ketchup on them, we’re trying to look as gnarly as possible here. Next, grab some makeup you have laying around the house and start going bananas! Throw on some gray and white blotches and if you have green, put that all over your face, too. Next, get that tube of bright red lipstick you never wear (we all have one) and make some barftastic blood splotches on your face, arms, etc. The beauty of this costume is the worse you do on the makeup, the better zombie you’ll be!

Sushi - Yep, we said sushi! It seems like it would be a difficult costume, but it’s pretty darn simple!! You may have to purchase something for this one, but hopefully not. For the ideal sushi costume, you’ll want to have a white t-shirt (representing the rice), black pants and a pillow with an orange, red or yellow pillow case. If you don’t have one of these color pillowcases, you may have to run to a discount store or Goodwill to grab one. Easy cheesy. Next, get a black belt or piece of black fabric and tie the pillow around your waist so that the pillow is on your back. Boomshackalaka! You’re ready for some fishtastic Halloween fun!

Mime - All you need for this costume is a black shirt and pants, white powder and black eyeliner. Pile on that powder all over your face and make a cute little bow-tie design on your lips. Color in heavy black eyeliner around your eyes and even your eyebrows. If you have some white gloves, that’d be fun. You may be able to find those at a dollar store. Not necessary at all! The bonus about being a mime is this…if you see someone at a party or at work who drives you bananas, you can put on your mime act, which means you don’t have to actually talk to them AND your Marcel Marceau act will surely make them want to get away from you ASAP! WIN WIN! Have fun with this one. So many benefits.

No matter what you choose to dress up as for Halloween, remember that it’s all about having fun with family and friends! Don’t stress yourself out by trying to be the one to win that awesome $5 Starbucks gift card for BEST DRESSED . Enjoy every moment and ‘roll’ with it.