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Spindaroos Holiday Fun Series

Posted by Sara on

The Halloween of Today vs.
The Halloween of “Yesteryear”

We know, we know...sometimes we get caught up 'rememberin' the good old days. We can't help it! As parents and grandparents of little folks, re-experiencing all of the good times of childhood with our own kids makes us think of the good times we had when we were kiddos!

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for kids and adults! Kids love dressing up and, of course, cashing in on that stash of candy awesomeness. WOOHOO!!

But, to get to those sweet, sweet chocolate and sugary rewards, you have to put some work into finding an AHHMAZING costume! Kid’s costumes today range from homemade hamster costumes, glorious, sparkly princess frocks, incredible Star Wars outfits, detailed video games get-ups, funky cartoon characters; the list is endless! Sometimes these costumes come with complex face painting and require painstaking efforts to make the costume 'just right'. Also, costumes these days can cost anywhere between $20 and $100 depending on what your little goblin wants to dress up as. Yikes!

Trick or treating these days happens the entire week prior to Halloween in some cities. There are trunk-or-treat events, parties with trick or treating, shopping malls host trick or treating events. The opportunity to collect enough candy to feed a family of 4 for a year is seriously available! It is not unusual in some of our households for Halloween candy to be around long after Christmas. In fact, one mom here are Spindaroos confesses that she has candy from LAST Halloween in her cupboard! Cha-ching!!! Winner Winner! Halloween is a different experience now than when we were cackling up and down our streets on All Hallow’s Eve.

Back when many of us were kids, our costumes were uncomplicated and, frankly, cheap, Cheap, CHEAP (or free)! It wasn't unusual for us to head to the grocery store or Woolworth's to grab a $2 costume that consisted of a plastic mask (that made your face sweat like a tsunami, even if it was 30 degrees outside) and a plastic cape or other gloriously cheesy accessory. And that plastic smell! So many of us will have that exact smell etched into our memories for all of eternity. Other costumes consisted of finding stuff that was laying around the house and creatively piecing a costume together out of it (i.e., hobo, punk rocker, ghost).

We had one day to trick or treat and it started Halloween afternoon and went deep into the night, baby! We stayed out until 10 pm in some neighborhoods because we didn't want to stop until our pillow cases were full and weighed roughly that of a pro-wrestler. Even if that meant blisters on our feet and minor frostbite to fingertips. We were extreme trick or treaters.

Some of our candy was different, too. Circus peanuts were the worst. Change for Unicef was a nice idea, but we never sent that $.09 in. And the bit-o-honey. Never has there been a candy that was such a pure challenge to enjoy. This stuff was pull-your-fillings-out goodness! Dentists LOVED bit-o-honey. Cha-ching!

There was always that one house that gave away WHOLE candy bars. This place was regarded in the highest of awesomeness. One would withstand the bitterest of cold and rain and the longest of lines to get that full-sized Snickers or Milky Way. And when you got it, it received the highest place in the candy trade. IF you traded it, it was for 15 Twix bars or something comparable. Most of the time, though, you held on to that sucker. It was as good as gold!!

The stash count and candy trade at the end of the trick or treating night is as exciting as watching the Cubs win the world series. However, beware…it can bring out the best and the worst in your friends and siblings. You really got an idea of what your trick or treat partners were like in the core of their being depending on what they would part with and what they kept close. You knew you had a good pal if they gave you a pack of M&Ms for a pack of BottleCaps. And if you find someone who was willing to give you their big candy bar for've found yourself a bestie and soul mate for life.

Halloween has changed over the years, but the joy and excitement it brings to kids everywhere has never faltered. Kids start getting excited about Halloween on November 1 and that's not changed from the get-go.

Have a wonderful Halloween with your kiddos, no matter what age they are. And remember. they'll be documenting their own Halloween memories one day and reminiscing about how awesome their Halloween adventures were compared to their kids. Let the cycle of Halloween awesomeness continue...