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The A to Z on Why You and Your Family Should be Cycling Together Every Week

Posted by Sara on

A - Active - Having an active family means having a healthier family both physically and mentally.

B - Belonging - Studies show that you and your kids are happier and feel more stable as a family unit when involved in consistent activities together.

C - Creativity - Exercise can boost positivity in other aspects of your lives, like that artistic streak you may have.

D - Delightful - Riding can create positive emotions, not only with the exercise alone, but the fact you’re doing something together. Let alone all the beautiful scenery you’re enjoying!

F - Fun - Cycling is good for the heart in more ways than one. It creates a sense of fun and even the occasional goofiness.

G - Gregarious - Riding as a family creates a sense of companionship.

H - Hugs - The family who plays together is often closer than the family who does not.
I - Incredible - If you’ve cycled regularly, you know the feeling of exhilaration and joy it gives. Sharing this with the family can help you grow closer together.

J - Jumping Jacks - Incorporate other fun activities in your rides. Stop at a park and do some exercises together. Have a jumping jacks contest, or run a relay race together. Giggles are sure to ensue.

K - Kindness - Exercise builds confidence. Confident children are often times kinder, more patient and inclusive as well as being more empathetic to those around them.

L - Love - This one is self-explanatory, but we’ll put it out there. Having multiple positive experiences with your children will create a strong loving bond between you.

M - Magical - Nothing beats the feeling of closeness you have with your family. Having a great relationship with your children helps them to learn to build healthy relationships as they grow.

N - Never-ending - Building a positive family unit is something that you reap the benefits of for all of your days. Putting effort forth will return over and over again in the form of closeness, trust and love throughout all of your lives.

O - Open - Having an open and honest relationship with your children is important. The 

more time you spend together enjoying life, the more opt they’ll be to share when life is throwing them a curve ball or they’re having a difficult time.

P - Participate - Children who are active with their families feel more confident and are more likely to participate when other activities become available.

Q - Quit isn’t an option - Sports and family togetherness inspires kids to be motivated and dedicated to tasks they take on. 

R - Really cool - When your kiddos are little, you’re the coolest person on the planet! Staying active with your kids makes you awesome and relatable to your children, even as they get older.

S- Support - Having a close family means you have the support you need to get you through the tough times.

T - Timeless - Cycling is a proven sport. It’s been a way for people to get and stay fit for decades.

U - Unforgettable - You and your children will always cherish the time you spend together, whether it be movie nights, game night, playing ball in the yard or taking a weekly cycling trip. These are precious memories that will forever be part of your lives.

V - Victorious - When you succeed in sports and share that feeling of accomplishment with family, you tend to strive for victory in everything you do!

W - Wellbeing - When you exercise regularly, your health and happiness are positively affected. When you encourage togetherness and participate in activities as a family, the health and happiness is spread to everyone, creating a sense of well being and happiness.

X- Xenial - When you’re confident and feel strong in your being, you tend to be more socialable, welcoming and outgoing when it comes to creating new friendships.

Y - Youthful - Exercise keeps you young in mind, heart and spirit.

Z - Zealous - Many people who start out cycling with family end up passionate and dedicated to the sport throughout their lives. Whether it’s a few rides per week, or it’s an activity you find yourself participating in every day - building a good foundation of hard work, healthy living and exercise gives your family a great head start to a good, healthy, successful life.