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The Summer is Gone - Winter Approaches The Somber Confessions of a Bike in the Fall

Posted by Sara on

The Summer is Gone - Winter Approaches
The Somber Confessions of a Bike in the Fall
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I feel a chill in the air, and I am not happy! Last time we talked, I was being taken down from the hooks in the garage in the spring. Full of hope and anticipation for a magnificent period of time when the world was mine once again! The first warm day of spring was a glorious one, and every day since has been an absolute adventure. It’s alright that you didn’t ride me each day, because the memories of our rides together made me happy for many days at a time. Just when my fond memories would begin to fade, we would go on another fabulous adventure together and WOOHOO - more fab memories to ponder as I sat in the garage, anticipating our next outing. Wind in my handlebars, spokes flying free. Ahhhhhh…

But now - the cold has returned. I have noticed during our most recent rides that the leaves are starting to change colors, and that the breeze is getting crisper.. And there was snow on the ground a few days ago! I know what that means - the garage is coming, which means boring days, spider webs and frosty cold air hitting me whenever that blasted door opens, leaving me hopeful for nothing but the distant memories of days gone by.

I know what you’re thinking. I am just a bike! What do I know of life and the love of cycling. I am an inanimate object that surely has no feelings or awareness of their surrounds. Well, I say to you, WRONG, sir! I have feelings and appreciate the majestic glory of cycling as the cycle just as much as you do as my rider!

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Fortunately, we live in Colorado, which means that some days, in the middle of the coldest times of fall and winter, we’ll get a random 60 degree day. On these days, I beg of you...take me out and enjoy the beautiful, inspirational feeling you get when we experience our adventures together. Don’t leave me hanging up in the garage until April. Take me out and get your buns on the seat and feel the freedom, exhilaration and magnificent benefits of riding your beautiful bike!

Kickstands up! Pedals turning! Look out world, here we come!