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Writing and Living Your Bucket List

Posted by Sara on

If you’re not familiar with the term “bucket list”, it refers to a list of places you’d like to go, things you’d like to do, or adventures you’d like to go on by the time you’ve reached a certain age or within a given period of time. Lots of folks have bucket lists full of amazing goals and ideas for a life rich with inspiring experiences.

Writing your list can be done formally and can even be laminated and placed in an obvious place where you can check on it regularly to motivate you do get those awesome goals accomplished. Or, your list can simply be a state of mind - a mental wish list you think about when you’re daydreaming or that you’re reminded of when you see a commercial for an epic cruise you’d like to take, or when you’re watching The Price is Right and one of the prizes is a trip to the Prague, and you realize that’s something you’d like to do before you leave this planet.

Whether your list is formal or informal, making sure you have something to really look forward to is pretty cool. And keep in mind that lists can change from year to year or even month to month, depending on your goals, your personality, and how quickly you go through your list.

So let’s think about writing that list! It’s really not that hard, and you can add to it whenever you’d like. As a matter of fact, some people have a bucket list and they don’t even know that’s what it is. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Wow, I’d love to go on a whale watching experience someday.”? That’s a bucket list item. Or, “I’d love to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.” That’s another list item.

They don’t always have to be related to travel. You could have a bucket list item that involves doing something in your area. In Colorado, there are lots of bucket list items available right in our backyards, like hiking a particularly difficult trail or going white water rafting. How about trying mountain biking or climbing one of the 50+ 14ers in Colorado.? (14ers are mountain peaks that exceed 14,000 feet.) Those are dynamic experiences that not everyone can simply drive to in a matter of minutes or a couple of hours and accomplish, so we should certainly take advantage of the opportunities we have close to home!

Make sure your list has at least 3-5 things you’d like to accomplish, experience or places you’d like to travel. Think of things that give you that uplifting, amazing feeling that only something that your spirit calls you to do, can make you feel.

There are a million things you can have on your bucket list and nobody’s bucket list is going to be the exact same because many items on our lists are going to be related to personal goals, or things that are important to us on a personal level. Don’t compare your list to another person’s list. Your list is your list and try not to let people dissuade you from experiencing the things you really want to try in this life. You only get one shot - make it count!

Writing your bucket list can be fun, exciting and motivating. Here is an example of a bucket list from one of our Spindaroos team members. These items are not in any particular order of importance, and your’s doesn’t have to be in order chronologically or in order of most to least important to you, but it could be.

Try out for a play
Learn to snowboard
Attend the US Open (tennis)
Donate blood regularly
Hike in Scotland
Learn to knit
Eat breakfast at a cafe in Paris
Visit the Maldives
Volunteer as and ESL teacher in Uganda
Learn how to make jewelry
Run a 10k
Make meals for people in my community who need a little extra help
Swim in all 5 oceans (even Antarctic)
Learn to make the perfect apple pie
Have fun creating your bucket list, but even more importantly, have fun LIVING your bucket list. We’d love to hear one or two of your favorite bucket list items. Share in the comment section on our FB or Twitter feeds!